Manga are comics made in Japan or by Japanese creators in Japanese language, conforming to a style developed in Japan in the late19th Century.

manga comics
manga comics

Today, manga are common all over the world. Everyone knows about a good manga or where can everyone access free manga. Manga has been one of the Japan’s cultures which were spread all over the world.

Manga are written by a Mangaka, an author, and are first published in magazines containing over 300 pages of comics. These magazines will target a specific audience and a single issue will contain new episodes of ten to twenty ongoing stories. Thereafter, these series of manga can be published as a tankoban, a compilation of a given series bound in a form of a book.

Tankoban are usually called “graphic novels” in English. They are compilations of a dozen or so episodes of a single story, printed on higher-quality paper than in a magazine. Manga is usually translated with an eye towards pop culture appeal to catch the people’s attention.

I personally love reading manga. I love the story line and the drawings are awesome. I sometimes download my manga so that I can access them anytime I want. But not all of the manga can be downloaded, so I also tune into some websites so that I can access some good manga. Usually, it takes a lot of time for the Mangaka to update his/her manga because he/she has to sketch and think of the story, so it is only natural that it would take weeks or even months to update a manga, sometimes it even takes years to update. What I usually do, is I tune into a lot of manga so that I won’t get bored or sometimes I wait for the manga to be completed before I read or download it.

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anime online
anime online

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There are avid fans that create forums for the sole purpose of sharing everything about their favorite manga. The forum can post threads about the latest update about the manga’s story and/or the mangaka, explaining some parts of the story that is not clear for some readers, or a convention where fans meet to spend time together and know more about each other personally. Some fans even make their own website and write about relevant content with the manga. With the help of the forum, some bloggers use it to advertise their blog site aside from helping and connecting with other fellow manga readers. If you have your own blog site and wanted to increase more visitors, you should go to They have a list of the best websites that offer traffic like: